Avan Engineering Services

Vibration Analysis and NVH analysis

The instant products are launched into operation; it is expected that vibrations would occur inside of their structure because of their precise product properties and external stimulation. This results in a threat of weakness, structural destruction or malfunction, or perhaps too much noise. We detect the dynamic structural properties and utilize extensive NVH analyses to optimize all of them.

Our technicians perform damped and un-damped vibration evaluation on various vibration techniques to ascertain dynamic structural properties. Energetic habits can indeed be analyzed, envisioned and enhanced depending on natural frequencies and organic reactions in a period and over a particular frequency span.

To execute a full NVH - noise, vibration & harshness - acoustic analysis versions are connected to the current structure. Details about sound intensity and noise emissions are acquired by dispatching sound from vibrating elements to the surroundings; the procedure is described in an acoustic model.

Vibration and NVH-Analysis for vehicle industry

For the vehicle industry, we have specialized on the following calculations in the area of dynamics :

General natural frequencies :

•  Torsion

•  Vertical bending

•  Lateral Bending

•  Front-end bending

•  Rear parallelogram

•  MAC factors


Modal analysis, local ( examples ) :

•  Steering column

•  Replacement wheel recess

•  Doors, hatches, attached parts

•  Roof cross associates

•  Module cross associates


Frequency reaction analysis ( examples ) :

•  Frequency reactions to ease points

•  Operational vibration methods

•  Modal participation factors ( MPF )

•  Local dynamic stiffness ( LDS )

•  Design of vibration absorbers

•  Mirror shake

•  Steering wheel shake

•  Gear shift vibrations


We are also primarily focused on NVH for vehicle industry applications :


Acoustics ( examples ) :

•  Sound propagation in passenger compartments

•  Droning in automobile bodies

•  Low-frequency humming

•  Engine and powertrain sounds

•  Study of effect from factors acting on engine mounts or subframe fastening points

•  Noises from tarmac and road areas