Avan Engineering Services

Stiffness Analysis

All arrangements should have proper stiffness. It explains the resilience that a system requires to elastic deformation and avoids a structure from extending, declining, bending or distorting to a non-permissible length at the time of utilization. The stiffness itself relies on the structure's material and geometry.

We examine the tightness of structures and assess precisely what geometry would result in ideal stiffness for a particular product and also explain the sorts of are proper and quite helpful for the product involved.
Different factors are considered when setting up the perfect stiffness values: on the one hand, most products need to contain versatility to a particular limit as challenges and vibrations take place when products are consumed.
Once products were inflexible, these forces and vibration may cause problems. However, if perhaps a structure attributes inadequate tightness, the structure might collapse a whole lot that the product can never be utilized successfully.

We conduct extensive tests of static and vibrant stiffness :

• Static bending / tensile durability

•  Static torsion / torsional stiffness

•  Local static stiffness

•  Stress analysis

•  Local dynamic stiffness

We build alternatives for an enhanced geometric design of structures depending on the discovery from such tests. This growth procedure additionally concentrates on light-weight design, as the goal is to attain ideal stiffness with the minimum weight possible.


We also detect compelling structure properties using vibration analysis and NVH analysis.