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CAE professionals talk about optimization once the development possibility of complicated elements is identified using mathematical optimization procedures. The kick-off point for these process is, for instance, various requirements for light-weight construction alternatives. It is far from merely weight savings which contribute to these scenarios, but also a decrease in material expenses. Additional reasons for carrying out an optimization process consist of minimal installation space or developments to a structure to lessen susceptibility to weak spots or remove them all collectively.

We estimate possible optimization for a design utilizing various numerical procedures. When potential is uncovered, suggestions for upgrades to a component or an assembly group are incorporated into the development process. An offer for a whole new design can be achievable. Our technical engineers operate in close agreement with all sections through all phases of the growth procedure. The element design idea is taken into consideration together with material requirements, performance or boundary circumstances in the manufacturing process.

The strategy to CAE optimization depends on specifications. The kind of procedure selected is relative to the preferred enhancement:

» Topology optimization

» Topography optimization

» Parameter optimization 

  • Topology optimization
  • Topography optimization
  • Parameter optimization
Topology optimization

The starting place for topology optimization is a specified maximum installation space. Topology optimization in an FE model allows our technicians to build a structure, that is capable of all operational problems, for example, loads, tensions, vital frequencies or production limitations. The element manufactured has optimized features, which ascertain stiffness and strength. Such innovations are achievable starting from a young stage in development.

Further calculations enable engineers to analyze the quality of the optimized design, using a service life analysis, for example. 

Topography optimization
Parameter optimization

Typical places that CAE optimization is utilized in automobile field

We specialize in the CAE optimization of the following industries of automobile field:

•  Crash performance optimization is making use of a composite structure.

•  Weld point optimization

•  Reinforcement of local elements

•  Bonding surface optimization

•  Components in the powertrain

•  Body components or general bodies; optimization of sheet thicknesses, for example Passenger compartment components;