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One Dimensional System Simulation 

A problematic practical system can be simulated in a one-dimensional coverage in which transport equations and efficiency regulations are resolved utilizing the limited impact technique, for instance, when considering control systems. If required, temperature transmission and chemical responses can also be taken into consideration. Mechanical and electrical sub-systems are likewise generally simulated along with fluid systems.

Based on the application involved, personal modules can be modelled as an in-depth physical structure with various difficulties or integrated into less complicated form as a characteristic diagram. Transient indicators in the simulation are often used to train neural networks, which then recycle the complex system. The objective is to offer an efficient prediction of on the whole system behaviour. 1D system simulation is frequently used instantly in the application ( engine control).

One-dimensional system simulation in automobile sector

We specialize in the following regions of one-dimensional system simulation for the automotive industry :

•  Fuel-injection hydraulic systems

•  Lubrication and oil circuits

•  Cooling circuits

•  Catalytic exhaust after-treatment