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Multi body System Simulations 

The entire divisions of industry use complex mechanical systems, many of which always include a lot of moving components. To make sure that personal components communicate with each other in the best possible means starting from the development phase, our technicians use multi body system simulation.

In multi body system simulation, all elements associated with the procedure are re-structured into solid bodies in a model. This hassle-free model enables the technical engineers to calculate the conduct of individual components in the course of a movement. Different factors are taken into consideration throughout a multi-body system simulation and analysis: masses, times of inertia, active forces and moments, and the interlink and contact situations of individual ( rigid body ) elements. The model simulation generates ( oscillating ) movements and ( mass ) forces. The data obtained from the simulation enables you to optimize system elements and their communication additionally.

Multi body system simulation is usually utilized in collaboration with other studies as it not just offers a simulation of kinetic conduct, but also displays the loads for individual components. The rewards from a multi body system simulation are integrated into a stress analysis with the help of FE analysis, for example.

Multi Body System Simulation in automobile sector

We specialize in the following aspects of multi body system simulation for the automotive industry :

•  Calculation for powertrain components and modules

•  Calculation for chassis components

•  Calculation for vehicle parts ( convertible roof )

•  Occupant safety ( use of MADYMO )

•  Kinematic simulations