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Fatigue Analysis

The service existence of a product is regarded as an important feature. It not just reveals a product's toughness and credibility but also identifies dependable procedure within a certain time frame. Fatigue experiments on individual elements is hence an integral part of operational stability calculations. Such calculations feature all data regarding materials, environmental circumstances and outlined boundary situations. Such calculations decide, most importantly, service life until harm is experienced. Additional advancement of problems within a component can then be deemed utilizing linear fracture mechanics estimation.

We make use of limited element analysis to perform functional stability assessments by the customer- or product-specific needs and in agreement with recognized principles and DIN and ISO standards. To be able to assess service life, we have to consider that, in usual instances, an element is not based on a constant load, but adjustments between various load conditions, peak loads and idle states. The kind of load – pressure, stress, pressure, and tension, bending and torsion – also plays a well-defined role. Each type of load results in a warning sign of weakness in a material.