Avan Engineering Services

Engineering Simulations

CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) is the process of solving engineering problems through the use of sophisticated, interactive graphical software.

In general, there are three phases in any computer-aided engineering task:

  • Pre-processing - defining the model and environmental factors to be applied to it. (typically a finite element model, but facet, voxel and thin sheet methods are also used)
  • Analysis solver -  (usually performed on high powered computers)
  • Post-processing -  of results (using visualization tools)
This cycle is iterated, often many times, either manually or with the use of commercial optimization software.

At Avan Engineering Services we perform following simulations  -

» Stiffness Analysis

» Strength Analysis

» Durability Analysis

» Fatigue Analysis

» Vibration Analysis

» Optimisation

» Multi dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics

» Multi body System Simulations