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Crash Simulations

Crash simulations are used by automakers during computer-aided engineering (CAE) analysis for crashworthiness in the computer-aided design (CAD) process of modelling new cars. During a crash simulation, the kinetic energy, or energy of motion, that a vehicle has before the impact is transformed into deformation energy, mostly by plastic deformation (plasticity) of the car body material (Body in White), at the end of the impact.

Crash simulations are used to investigate the safety of the car occupants during impacts on the front end structure of the car in a "head-on collision" or "frontal impact", the lateral structure of the car in a “side collision” or “side impact”, the rear end structure of a car in a "rear-end collision" or “rear impact”, and the roof structure of the car when it overturns during a "rollover". Crash simulations can also be used to assess injury to pedestrians hit by a car.

We aid OEMs as well as their suppliers with thorough CAE improvement services for crash traits in automobiles. In doing this, it combines local and security recommendations and also ends-user assessments such as the US and Euro NCAP as well as takes them into consideration throughout the development procedures.

We perform following crash simulations for automobile Industry -

»  Full Vehicle Crash Testing

»  Component Crash Testing

»  Occupant Safety Testing

»  Pedestrian Safety Testing