Avan Engineering Services

Board of Directors

Chief Technology Officer
CAE expert, Occupant Safety, Crash Worthiness, Impact Safety
Chief Technology Officer

He has 16+ years of experience working for American and Japanese OEMs. Currently working on multiple projects from one of the largest Japanese OEM.

He has bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from Pune University and Master of Science Degree in Automotive Engineering from Coventry University and a PhD in Automotive crash simulation at Coventry University UK.

He has an Extensive work experience of 16+ years on

  • Occupant safety systems development with specialisation in airbag design and deployment simulation.
  • Experienced in full vehicle crash testing to meet front, side barrier & pole test requirements for European market.
  • Expert advice on with relevant dummy models and automotive safety legislations in Europe and the USA.

Publications :

  • Conference paper: Rapid Airbag Folding Technique for Side Curtain Airbag, 6th Altair CAE Technology Conference, Gaydon, UK, May 2009.
  • PhD Thesis: To model an Airbag for Out-of-Position Occupant in frontal impacts, 2007, Coventry University, UK.
  • Conference paper: Investigation into the effectiveness of Advanced Driver Airbag modules designed for OoP injury mitigation, 20th ESV conference, Lyon, France, June, 2007.
  • Journal paper: A Methodology for the Simulation of an Out of Position Driver Airbag Deployment, International Journal of Crashworthiness, November 2006.
  • Conference paper: Investigation of an Advanced Driver Airbag Out-of-Position (OoP) Injury Prediction with MADYMO Gasflow Simulations, International MADYMO User Meeting, Dearborn, USA November 2006.
  • Conference paper: Simulation of Driver Airbag Deployment to Investigate OoP Scenarios, 5th European MADYMO User Conference, Cambridge, UK September 2005.

Chief Operating Officer
Seat belts, airbags, Injury
Chief Operating Officer

She has 17+ years of experience working at Tier1 and Tier 2 Financial Services at various senior managerial roles mostly in United Kingdom.

She has bachelors degree in Industrial Electronics Engineering from Pune University.

She specialises in Digital skill sets including but not limited to Business Analysis,Software architecture and Cloud computing.

She has an extensive work experience on 

  • Day to day working of financial services with large operations.
  • Business Architecture and Solution Architecture
  • Vendor and supplier management.
  • Software development lifecycle.